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Seed Services

Cherry Hill Coolstores offer a wide range of seed services — such as cool storage, grading, potato seed, cutting and bulk unloading.

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Our Story

Cherry Hill Coolstores has been operating since 1990. Originally a small coolstore operation set on 170 acres of farmland located on the North West Coast of Tasmania in Latrobe, the business was purchased in 1990 by Father and Son, Kevin (since retired) and Andrew Langmaid. Latrobe is situated approximately ten minutes away from the port, and city of Devonport, Tasmania.

Since its purchase, the business has been steadily increasing its innovative activities and turn over. The operation has been redesigned and rebuilt and now comprises of 14 coolstores and three large dry store areas. The new operation has the capacity to handle 10,000 tonnes of seed potatoes at peak season.

Cherry Hill has seven full time employees who fulfill administrative and supervisory roles, with up to 20 seasonal employees involved at various times of the year.

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