Our Guarantee

Our Seed

If you purchase seed from Cherry Hill Coolstores and the seed is not fit for planting as it leaves Cherry Hill Coolstores, the seed will be replaced or graded and any losses replaced at no cost to the Buyer.

This guarantee specifically refers to the seed piece breakdown and faulty workmanship by Cherry Hill Coolstores in the process of growing, grading, cool storing and cutting of the tonnes of seed potatoes.

Seed that has a claim against it will be graded. If it cannot be made acceptable by the grading, it will be replaced with the best quality seed, which is available at that time at no cost to the Buyer.

Our Seed Services & Management Services

Should Cherry Hill Coolstores manage other seed grower’s stock on your behalf, we will also guarantee our services for this other Seed Growers seed. If you buy someone else’s certified seed, that it is presented to Cherry Hill Coolstores in good condition, and it breaks down, we will replace our cutting and services at no charge.

In order for this guarantee to be valid, the buyer must:

  1. Purchase the seed grower to grower, i.e., not from block;
  2. The tonnes of seed must be grown, cut and coolstored at Cherry Hill Coolstores; and
  3. Claims must be made within 24-hours of seed leaving Cherry Hill Coolstores and before planting.

A determination of acceptable seed can be measured via the use of the TIAR Seed Certification Specifications.

There appears to be some confusion with the terms and conditions of our seed-handling guarantee. Let us explain ...

If you engage Cherry Hill to store and cut your seed potatoes and the seed (when delivered to you) has unplantable faults, like seed piece rot or cut sets, which are unacceptable 
to you – we will grade the seed to an acceptable standard at no cost to you.

If this cannot be achieved, we will refund the costs of cool storage, bin hire and cutting of those tonnes affected.This guarantee covers all certified seed stored at Cherry Hill, which has been delivered to us in a disease free condition.

Our commitment to this guarantee gives you the confidence that if we do not get our input right we will be responsible for those costs.

When there is seed piece breakdown it is often a combination of issues, some of which are out of our control. However, we are determined to make sure our input is positive and responsible. 

Make sure your seed is delivered in to us as soon as possible after digging so fungicide can be applied.

Please contact us for more information about our guarantee.