Meet Our Staff

Andrew Langmaid

Andrew has been involved in Agriculture his whole life. He grew up on a farm at Kindred. After finishing school he enrolled in an Agricultural apprenticeship. He has driven pea harvesters and owned his own truck delivering seed potatoes to growers around Tasmania and commercial potatoes to Simplot Ulverstone and McCain Foods Smithton.

In 1990 Andrew and his father Kevin purchased Cherry Hill Coolstores. At this time is was a small apple coolstore complex. They then changed and improved the facility to create the premier seed potato facility that it is today.

Andrew is passionate about agriculture, in particular the seed potato industry. He is also passionate about his family and fishing with his mates.

Conor O'Doherty

Conor is the Business Development Manager at Cherry Hill Coolstores.

Originally from the beautiful town of Derry in Northern Ireland, Conor moved to Tasmania in 2011. He moved for love and has fallen in love with our wonderful state, and plans to stay for a very long time.

Prior to joining us, Conor worked in agriculture for Costa Farms where he was part of their construction and maintenance teams, and then moved to Rapid Supply focussing on industrial and mining industries.

"I'm looking forward to growing the business at Cherry Hill Coolstores and to diversifying our product range."

Pam Langmaid

Pam began her agricultural career at Simplot in north-west Tasmania, where she worked for 18-years prior to meeting Andrew. Pam left Simplot when little Kel was on his way, and she began working part-time at the Cherry Hill Coolstores soon after her maternity leave. Four years later dear little Jesse arrived and Pam gradually took on a full-time load in the office – perhaps even more hours than Andrew, today!

In the past, Pam has enjoyed playing softball, indoor cricket, netball. And today she enjoys reading, watching the kids play sport and spending time with Andrew.

Pam’s duties at Cherry Hill Coolstores include managing the front office (keeping Andrew and Brenden under control), invoicing and finances, as well as general administrative duties. Pam is also in charge of approving annual leave (mainly to ensure that Andrew and Brenden don’t go on too many fishing holidays)!

Tanya Hodges

In February 2017 we welcomed Tanya to the Cherry Hill team, in her new role as our Administration Manager.

Taking care of accounts, payroll and managing our workflow Tanya is the first port of call when trucks/deliveries come in. With a background in administration (30+ years as a bookkeeper and office worker) Tanya is a real asset to our team.

Tanya is enjoying the relaxed Latrobe lifestyle, living just down the road from us. In her spare time, she likes various craftwork, sewing and gardening. She also likes to travel and has visited numerous wonderful places including Canada, Hawaii, Thailand, New Zealand, Vanuatu and Italy.

Scott Foster

Scott Foster has worked with the Cherry Hill Coolstores since 2000. Scott is 100% local and was born in Latrobe. He has been a member of the Wesley Vale football club for 17-years, and is an active part of the football training (and social) calendars.

With a background in sales, Scott is in his element working directly with people. Since his commencement at Cherry Hill, Scott has managed the cutting shed with an average day moving between 70-90 tonnes of seed potato. Logistics and planning is essential, as fungicide is applied 2-3 weeks prior to cutting, and a potato dust afterwards to ensure the flesh is thoroughly sealed. Scott has also looked after general maintenance and is one of the fork lift drivers… and if you’ve ever seen these guys drive, it’s very impressive!

New technologies are constantly introduced at the Cherry Hill Coolstores and Scott is one of the front runners, using our new “Chill Store” workflow system. Scott is also front of house, meeting with all truck drivers for the receivals and despatches of seed potatoes. And alongside Brenden, Scott uses the new seed allocation software for Simplot, as well as managing seed allocations for McCain and farmer’s alike.

Wayne Maxwell

Growing up in Gawler, just behind Ulverstone, Wayne is a local lad who now resides in Turners Beach. Since 2005 he has called Cherry Hill his main employment, however Wayne is active in the community with a few roles and has his finger in quite a few pies!

Wayne’s first employment as an adult was at the Gunns Plains Hop Farm, where he worked for 26 years from the start to finish of the business prior to starting at Cherry Hill. Now his days are filled with a variety of roles as he takes charge of seeing to the daily needs of the farm (including 300 odd cattle) and factory. Primarily working on the bulk unloading and loading cut sets and the trucks, Wayne also mends the fences and pallets at Cherry Hill and sees to general maintenance as required.

Outside of work Wayne is a keen fisherman who often ‘out fishes’ Brenden we are told! He’ll fish anywhere, anytime and any way – well skilled in fly fishing or using bait and lures. If you ask us Wayne is a real catch!

Darren Nicholls

Joining us in December 2014 as our Maintenance Fitter, Darren is a real asset to our team at Cherry Hill Coolstores.

Born in Devonport, Darren is local to our district, growing up in the region, attending Reece High and gaining a trade as a Fitter and Machinest in the area.

“I did my apprenticeship at Simplot Australia but have had a few jobs since leaving school. I worked at Tas Belting Service and Supplies for four years, Wootton and Byrne Construction (construction and steel works) and I’ve worked on conveyor belts and as a forklift driver."

Darren also held a position with DPM Engineering for a while and helped build the Devonport Aquatic Centre. Now he is our all-rounder, in charge of all maintenance on site, seeing to equipment, belts, bearings, fitting and forklift driving.

Darren is also a handy all-rounder on the cricket pitch and plays cricket with Brenden at Sassafras. He loves being outdoors and in his spare time (when not hitting people for six) Darren enjoys shooting, fishing and kayaking.

Jason Richardson

Jason or “Richo” as he's often referred is a local lad having grown up in East Devonport and joined us in December 2015 as our Factory/Coolstore worker.

Jason’s background is in construction and, as a qualified solid plasterer and tiler has spent from 1990-2015 in this industry, prior to needing a change. Although agriculture is a totally different business from what he is used to, Jason is comfortable and confident in this new role. Now living in Wesley Vale, he is surrounded by country people and the way of life. His brother-in-law even grows spuds!

We’re keep him busy with maintenance, checking and mending our 11,000 1 tonne boxes but as the seasons’ change, so does Jason’s role – he's also responsible for unloading and storage,and whatever else Wayne and Scott throw his way.

Footy keeps Jason fit and takes up most of his spare time outside of work. It’s also how we met Jason – he’s President of the Wesley Vale Football club that our very own Brenden also plays for! Jason plays either up forward or in the middle with Brenden by his side and admitted, “Brenden goes alright!”

Kel Langmaid

In April 2018 Kel joined our Cherry Hill Family. Already a family member of the Langmaids it was an exciting day when Kel became part of the family business.

"I’m loving working here. I am enjoying working for/with Mum and Dad. It’s actually nice to see them more often."

Kel resides in Turners Beach, having grown up locally, attending Latrobe primary and high schools. His main role at the property is bulk unloading and managing coolstore movements. In the quieter times, Kel helps Wayne with general maintenance, mending fences, pallets and cleaning up around the property.

Outside of work, Kel enjoys relaxing and playing video games. At the moment his passion is Hearthstone (Heroes of Warcraft), a fast paced strategy game that we hear he is very good at. No doubt these computer skills will come in handy, as the farm continues to develop technology and software to improve efficiencies. It will be great having a young millennial on the team!

Beth Blenkhorn

Beth joined our Cherry Hill family in 2006 and with her she brought a wealth of experience and an infectious personality!

You can find Beth managing the quality control of the cutting alongside Scott. Beth supervises the girls on the cutter and monitors the trimming, checking the weight of all our potatoes. (FYI – the optimal size of your
seed potatoes is 41-70grams!)

Outside of work Beth likes to practice and perform her cultural dancing and is a member of the Mariposa Group in Latrobe. Beth is from the Philippines and loves sharing her cultural heritage with the group and members of the public who they often perform for.

Christine Murfet

A local lass, Christine has been with us at Cherry Hill for quite a few seasons, having joined us in 2009. Growing up in Latrobe and now living in Devonport, Christine has done a lot of travelling before joining us. For 30 years Christine has supported her husband, who was in the defence force as an Airforce Paramedic. They had various posts around Australia and the world, including a lengthy stint in Malaysia for 18 months.

Now a typical day for Christine is joining the girls on the trimming line. She performs all duties of the cutting stations including clean up and wash down every second day. Rotating through with the rest of the team.

After hours you can find Christine relaxing – she enjoys knitting, reading and cooking. She has a few great Asian recipes up her sleeve now after her travels overseas. The lunch room always smells divine when Christine is working!

Debbie Weeks

A local lady, Debbie is one of our most experienced in the cutting room having been with us since 2004. When asked what roles are performed most days, modest Debbie simply said,

“I progress through the stages of the cutter, starting on the general table to last look and then back to the smaller table where the undersized potatoes are sorted.” In truth the rest of the team let us know Debbie’s main role was “making the girls laugh constantly”!

When not at work Debbie enjoys spending time with friends, dining and relaxing. An avid tennis player in the day Debbie now prefers to sip a latte and enjoy a good meal with friends.

Gayleen Ray

The 2017 season was Gayleen's first with us, and what a find. Gayleen came to us with a bounty of agricultural experience having worked previously at Broun’s Coolstore, Premium Fresh, Harvest Moon and Edgells (now known as Simplot.)

Enjoying working with the girls in the cutting room, Gayleen is gaining experience in all the stages of cutting and is always willing to learn something new.

Having a drink at the pub with friends, in the garden relaxing or gardening, or cooking up a mean storm in the kitchen is where you will find Gayleen outside of work! Her three cats Holly (a 22 year old female Tortoiseshell), Flossy (a grey and white female Persian) and Sooty (a black and white boy) keep her busy too.

Jenny Harrington

Jenny has been with Cherry Hill Coolstores since 2015, working every Tuesday to keep us looking spick and span.

While the cutting team looks after the sheds, Jenny maintains the rest of our premises, and is in charge of cleaning all our offices, the tearoom and rest rooms. Things have never looked so good!

Outside of work Jenny loves to spend time with her pets – Bear the dog and Misty the cat. Jenny also enjoys sketching and painting. And she must be quite a talent, having already sold one of her masterpieces.

Leanne Jackson

Leanne has been a Seed/Potato Cutter with us at Cherry Hill since mid 2008.

Her daily routine involves moving between all stages of the cutting room. The first stage of grading and cutting, the second stage check and finally the third stage commonly referred to as “last look” where the seed has its last size check.

Having always been interested in horticulture (Leanne worked at a nursery in Devonport before coming to us) Leanne enjoys gardening at home and spending time with her beloved animals, moggies Tige and Milly and Rusty the dog.

Sharon Upston

Sharon started with us in 2006, way back when we still had morning and afternoon shifts and the team performed different roles. Now the girls are across every part of the cutting process and simply rotate between different start times.

Sharon is a vital member of our cutting team and performs all the major tasks on the trimming line: first stage grading and cutting, the second stage check and ‘last look’ - the final size check. A typical day includes all these three stations followed by clean up at the end of the day.

Born and bred in Railton, Sharon now lives close by in Latrobe. Her interests include gardening and keeping in touch with her beloved family who now live in Sydney and Brisbane. Sharon has two children and three grandchildren who are extremely important to her.

Sue Meares

We’ve had the pleasure of Sue turning up to our sheds for sometime now, since 1998. Sue came to us after moving to Port Sorell with her partner “Mitch” who previously worked here!

You can find Sue on the cutting lines and managing the quality control alongside Beth and Scott. Sue helps Beth supervises the girls on the cutter and monitors the trimming, checking the weight of all our potatoes.

Outside of work Sue likes to relax, walking their dog Poppy and enjoys having a beer! Sue and Mitch are also keen car enthusiasts having a number of precious vehicles in the garage.  

Sue Thorton

In 2005 we were lucky enough to introduce Sue to our team. Some time later, Sue is now one of our most experienced workers on the cutter.

Early starts often see Sue arrive at Cherry Hill by 6.45am to setup the cutter and equipment for the day. “Every evening the equipment is washed and packed away, this role is shared with the group on a roster system, as are the early starts to prepare for the day. Generally our most experienced staff looks after this until everyone is familiar with the process”.

In her spare time Sue likes to read and knit and is part of the Devonport Machine Knitters Club. Once a month the club members meet and discuss projects and share tips. “It’s a fabulous volunteer project that sees the members knitting blankets, beanies, and jumpers (to name a few) for underprivileged groups.” What a gem our Sue is.

Tina Flannery

Tina’s daily routine involves cutting, sampling, weight recording as well as additional duties such as cleaning and box maintenance in the off season. She is happy to help out where necessary and is a real multi-tasker. Not afraid to get her hands dirty, Tina is a very handy lady to have around. Knowing her way around the nail guns, hammers and other tools. Asked what her favourite part of her role is, Tina simply said “I love it all.”

Known as the ‘class clown’ of the factory, Tina shares plenty of good humour with us here at Cherry Hill.

Tina is local to the Devonport area and enjoys spending time with her family and friends in her spare time.