Our Coolstore Services

At Cherry Hill Coolstores, we have innovative growers to supply your seed potato production.

We can market your seed for you, or organise all of your cutting, curing, grading, washing, storage and distribution requirements.

These are our specialty seed services at Cherry Hill Coolstores:

  • Seed potato supply and marketing
  • Seed cutting and curing
  • Dusting chemical application
  • Sizing and sorting
  • Cool storage and dry storage
  • Bulk or bin receival (unloading 50 tonnes per hour)
  • Reloading (bulk or bin) and distribution
  • Bulk bagging to 1200 kg bags

Our Seed

Cherry Hill seeks out motivated farmers who are wiling to use modern growing techniques under the supervision of a professional argonimist employed by Cherry Hill Coolstores to ensure we produce high quality seed for our buyers.

Cherry Hill Coolstores has been producing Ranger Russet and Russet Burbank seed since 2002, these activities could be extended to other varieties. Order today…


The Grading line is capable of grading potatoes into three sizes through a combination of super soft spool rollers and expanding rollers. Dirt and debris are removed through an Ellis table and roller inspection tables, where staff can remove any faulty tubers.

The roller inspection tables ensure that there is plenty of room for final inspection. Seed is finally delivered to one tonne bins via the Tong Soft fill bin fillers, ready for cutting and storage.

This line is capable of grading up to 20 tonnes per hour depending on seed quality.

We have two sheds capable of performing our grading. A state of the art shed built in 2015 and an overflow shed for when business requires.

Cool Storage

We have a total of 14 coolstores and drystores, having the capacity to hold a total of nearly 10,000 tonnes of potatoes. The coolstores are run at a temperature of 2.5–3.5 degrees and are consistently maintained and monitored on a daily basis.

The coolstores are built from steel and Colorbond® cladding, and are sprayed internally with insulated foam. Drystores have large fans that help circulate air throughout the rooms, this helps with the curing process of the cut seed potatoes before going into cool storage.

The facility can be used for short- or long-term storage, at competitive rates.

A recent development is our purpose built seed curing room. This room controls all aspects of the internal climate to aid firstly the drying and then the suberizing of the fresh cut seed before it is put into coolstores or planted.

This new concept gives potato growers even more security in the quality of the cut potato seed.

If you are interested in our coolstore facilities, please click here to contact us for more information.



The potato cutting operation at Cherry Hill Coolstores is unique in that it allows the potatoes to be cut by hand or machine, or any mix of the two. Typically, our seed is cut 50% by hand and 50% by machine. Cherry Hill starts the seed cutting operation in April for an October planting, i.e., six months pre-cut.

The question remains: To pre-cut or not to pre-cut? It's a management tool to pre-cut, and many of Cherry Hill Coolstore’s customers experience great advantages in pre-cutting their seed. These include increased yield, more even emergence and much less seed risk at planting time.


Bulk Unloading

The receival machinery is capable of unloading any size truck or trailer at the rate of 50 tonnes per hour, removing any excess soil and foreign matter.

Chemicals can be applied to the tubers as the process is occurring. Tubers are deposited into one tonne bins via an auto bin filler machine.

For more information on bulk unloading services, please contact us today…