What our customers say about us

Stephen McCarthy of Hirt Agri Pty Ltd

I have been growing potatoes for over 25 years, and during that time I have worked with Cherry Hill Coolstores.

Hirt Agri has been operating for the past five seasons. As our business has grown, Andrew, Pam and their team have worked with us in choosing seed, cutting seed, distribution and providing excellent service. They are passionate and know how critical a good seed line is to us.

We now buy pre-cut seed, rather than spring cut. We find the pre-cut seed gives a more uniform population, reducing our cost of production, it is easier to manage especially in a hard season. We are able to extract the seed five days before planting, and we have found uniform shooting.

Cherry Hill Coolstores presents the seed for us to inspect for size, uniformity and quality. This gives us the ability to make any adjustments we need well before cutting commences.

It is much easier to deal with a problem in the cool store, than suffer the consequences in the ground!

Cherry Hill Coolstores have improved seed management, which has given better coolstore results.

Their team is friendly, down to earth, call a spade a spade, and get us results.

It is much easier to deal with a problem in the cool store, than suffer the consequences in the ground! (Cherry Hill Coolstores) call a spade a spade and get us results.
Hirt Agri Pty Ltd grow potatoes in Tasmania, producing approximately 20,000 tonnes for Simplot in 2011.

Glen Carr of Glen Carr Pty Ltd

I have been a potato grower for more than 30 years. My experience of working with Cherry Hill Coolstores has been good because you are dealing with the same people every time.

Our experience with using pre-cut seed has been 99% good. It is easier to manage when planting because it has been checked and you get it at the right time to get the best sprouting. The Cherry Hill Coolstores seed management services are excellent, particularly their after hours service which is a necessity for us.

Our relationship with Cherry Hill Coolstores is long-standing with people we trust — that’s why we want to deal with them.

…with people we trust — that's why we deal with them.
Glen Carr is the largest grower of potatoes for McCain in Tasmania, Australia.

Andrew Gale – Manager, Spring Farm Pty Ltd

Very satisfied customer

Spring farm has been using the Cherry Hill Cool Store for 20+ years. Our aim as a potato grower is to achieve high quality and high grossing yields.

As part of our potato business we have found the storage of potato seed and the cutting of seed is of high standard. The professional nature of Cherry Hill Cool Stores is a credit to all involved within their company.

Very satisfied customer.


Andrew Van Den Berg – Agronomist

A real credit to the industry

It’s full credit to Cherry Hill Coolstores, just how receptive they are to feedback. They’re a real credit to the industry.


Beau Gooch - Owner/Manager, Wisedale Pastoral

Friendly, conscientious and helpful

Cherry Hill Coolstores have been handling our seed for about 15 years. Over this time we have seen their business grow, to be one of the most modern and up to date potato seed handling facilities in the state.

They are friendly, conscientious and helpful, always making sure our seed is well looked after.


Colin Chaplin – Chaplin Bros

Always well looked after

I have been growing potatoes for a long time and for most of that time Cherry Hill have been storing and cutting both our fresh market and processing seed potatoes which is always well looked after.

I have a good relationship with Andrew and his staff and value their advice.


Darryl Saltmarsh – Partner R & D Saltmarsh, Central Castra 

We are having good results

We have been growing potatoes for 30 years and have been using Cherry Hill Coolstores for over 20 years for seed cool storage, since on farm storage of seed potatoes ceased. Cherry Hill now cut all our seed with most of our seed precut. With their knowledge and modern up to date seed handling equipment we are having good results, making it easier to manage seed at planting time.

We have a good relationship with Andrew and Brendan and they are always there to help and give advice when needed.


Doug Clark – Owner, DD & J Clark Pty Ltd

They know their product

My relationship with Cherry Hill Coolstores has been 15 plus years in differing management roles and as a business owner. The standout for me over this time has been the impeccable knowledge of the seed that is under their care. The clear communication, the seed cutting, the paper trail, the open door policy for growers, the followup on issues and the new cutting/ storage facilities are all outstanding.

But for me, when we have our first catch up, usually late April, the knowledge of the seed history, the grower, down to the paddock and the aspect where the seed has been grown, is clearly communicated off the top of their head so it is a really easy job for me to narrow down a top three lines for our McCain program. Our preference is for precut, as I aim for an early processing program. But if last minute changes or late cutting needs to occur, it is done time efficiently and minimum stress to me. All staff from Pam, Andrew and Brenden, to the forkies and cutters, are all courteous and helpful and all work towards a quality seed outcome.


Gerard Daly - Director/Grower, GP & SL Daly Pty Ltd

Go the extra mile

We’ve been growing potatoes for the past 25 years in south-east Tasmania selling fresh-market washed and brushed potatoes throughout Tasmania. 

We’ve been using Cherry Hill Cool Stores for cutting and storing our seed potato for the past ten years and have never had a problem with their product. We’ve used Cherry Hill for advice regarding the cool storage of our own potatoes and have always found them very friendly and helpful.  We may even say that we have found Andrew and Brenden go the extra mile to accommodate our business and that they are always looking at new innovative ways to improve.

We’d highly recommend Cherry Hill to any grower. You can see that because this is their core business what a difference it makes with the storage and cutting of seed.  This is why our company made the business decision to use them as it is so important to our company to have our seed treated and stored under the right conditions.  Great peace of mind.


Graham Lette , Wingaroo Property, Waterhouse (in conjunction with Noel and Yvonne Gerke)

Up there with the best!

I’ve been growing potatoes for 45 years and have known Andrew and Pam for 25-30 of these. For the past two years Cherry Hill have been responsible for storing our seed potatoes for McCains, and I’ve got to say they’re right up there with the best in the industry.

The quality control and follow up services are excellent and they always answer any queries we have. At the start of our relationship I was shown around the coolstores to see how my seed would be managed and this was brilliant. Brenden is great to deal with and very co-operative. If we ever need out of hours service (which we have done) he has always accommodated us, which is really helpful.

Cherry Hill have also shown great support by always attending and participating in our Simplot Seed Field Days which we appreciate and value.


Harry Korpershoek - Co-Owner, Korpershoek Brothers Pty Ltd

We can't fault them!

Cherry Hill Coolstores have looked after our seed for over 20 years now and nothing is ever too big a job for them – we can’t fault them.

They are friendly and professional and always listen to us. We are farmers and they are the specialists, and we confidently put our trust in them as they keep a good eye on our product.

We are over two hours away from them so we can’t just call in and
check up on things however we never need to as we feel secure leaving everything in their hands.


Michael Cresswell – Owner, Quamby View

Good, friendly service!

Cherry Hill Coolstores cuts and cool stores our potatoes. We have been using them for approximately eight years. Over this time, we have found the quality of their potatoes to be good.

They always ask how we are going and are very friendly. They show us their product as they are growing which is helpful. 

From our perspective they are favourable against competitors. They provide a good, friendly service.


Neville Beveridge of High Lees Harvesting

If the other guys are 70-80%, Cherry Hill is 100%!

I have been growing potatoes for 20 years and during this time I have worked with Cherry Hill Coolstores.

I plant for all different people, and what comes out of Cherry Hill suits our customers, the quality is always good. Over the last three years they have made a lot of changes which is what has affected the end product quality.

Andrew follows up sales very well. He keeps in touch on a regular basis. He also has contact in the field which means a lot to contractors. My overall experience with Cherry Hill is good, very good. They look after the farmer’s best interest, and make relevant changes to their business to keep up with changes in the agriculture industry.

Neville Beveridge, General Operations Manager
High Lees Harvesting, Agriculture Contracting Business,
producing for Simplot and McCains.


Paul Taylor – Partner in P and K Taylor (Supplier of Simplot Australia Russet Burbank for over 25 years)

An excellent relationship

When Langworthy Cool Store ceased operations, on the recommendation of other growers whom had been using Cherry Hill, we moved our seed cutting and storage to this business.

In the first few years we fresh cut from block, with no major seed cutting or storage issues.

Later we have moved to pre-cut seed as recommended by Andrew and Brenden. They advised that
this would give a more reliable product at planting too which has been proven without any question
in our operation.

As a business that used contract machinery to plant our seed we have found that pre-cut seed is ideal, as it allows flexibility for when we can plant. We just take the seed out of storage just before planting and, because it is colder, it will sit better if weather becomes an issue.

As a small grower, we rely on Cherry Hill’s advice and since ‘grower to grower’ seed trade they have controlled all aspects of seed up until discharge from their facility. They recommend a Seed Line to purchase handle all cutting and storage and send one understandable invoice.

In the years of dealing with the Cherry Hill team, we have had an excellent relationship and they always have time to talk ... to even a small grower.


Phillip Beswick - Chairman Tasmanian Potato Growers Association and the McCain Processed Potatoes Committee

Professional and Experienced....

I have been using Cherry Hill Coolstore for approximately 15 years and get all my seed from them. Over this time, with the introduction of pre cutting seed quality their reliability has improved out of sight. 

Overall, my experience with them has been excellent. 

They are a very professional company that has great experience in both seed cutting as well as storage.


Phillip Loane – PA & RM Loane Dunroan

Doing business with them a pleasure

Cherry Hill Coolstores have been cutting and storing our potato seed for approximately 
seven years. During this time I have developed a strong working relationship with the entire team including both management and staff.

I am greeted warmly from the time I enter the gate and it makes doing business 
with them a pleasure. Andrew and Brenden are happy to share their knowledge 
and expertise which, in turn, has lead to a boost in our productivity and an overall
better bottom line.

I also find they are happy to ‘go the extra mile’ in the service they offer and their 
‘can do’ attitude to everything is refreshing.


Richard Hardstaff - Farmer, Potato Contractor

 In the paddock within the hour

I have been contracting for around 25 years and using Cherry Hill Coolstores for 10 years of this.

The quality of Cherry Hill’s product is excellent.

The after sales service is also excellent.  I can actually ring and talk to someone who knows what is going on, it is a lot more personal.  For example, we had an issue, and Brenden and Andrew were in the paddock within an hour – they are onto it straight away.

Compared to competitors they offer a better service, problems get addressed quickly and the overall experience is very good.

Cherry Hill is very experienced at what they do.  They have excellent communication and encourage you to actually look at the product.


Rob Terry – Dairy Plains, Deloraine

Never a problem

"We have been dealing with Cherry Hill Coolstores for the past three years and my father had been dealing with them for around a decade before us. There is never a problem and the seed quality that we are getting is improving year on year as they upgrade the technology that they are using. Our relationship will continue into the future."


Ryan Oliver – Farmer, GW & BJ Oliver, Winnaleah

Couldn't have been happier

I’m a first-year grower and have been amazed at the support I’ve received within the industry, everyone’s been great. I have a lot of people on my side, Cherry Hill included. I couldn’t be happier with the communication I have received from them. It was no time at all from delivering my first seed that I received feedback from them.

We had some insect damage but Cherry Hill’s help has resulted in a good yield for us this year, so we are keen to expand and grow more tonnes for Simplot.


Shane Johnston – Owner, Myrtle Farm, Deloraine

Nothing ever seems to be a problem for them

We’ve been growing potatoes for over 10 years now and have been working with Cherry Hill Coolstores for the majority of this time.

Cherry Hill are always helpful and friendly, nothing ever seems to be a problem for them. Access to our seed is only a phone call away and we can see our cut at any stage.

Their professional approach to seed handling in cool storage makes our lives easier, it takes the pressure off us – as they look after our product with the same care we would. We pre-cut our seed and the new facilities at Cherry Hill are fantastic for facilitating that. I absolutely recommend them.


Stephen Dick – Director of SJ & DM Dick PTY LTD

Their strength is their staff

"I have been planting and growing potatoes for 23 years for McCains. Dealing with Cherry Hill Cool Stores 
has always been a pleasant experience with their ability to semi hand cut seed. This enables them to 
pick up on any problems and deal with them promptly. Their strength is their staff and Brendan is always 
on the ball with advice on seed lines, cutting dates and has a professional attitude to his job."


Tony Perry – Talandra Trading, long time potato growers


"Cherry Hill Coolstores cuts all our seed and has done for a long time.

We have a great relationship with Cherry Hill – we go back a long way.

The quality of their potatoes are brilliant, we have never had a problem. If we do have any questions, they sort it out, we talk to Andrew and Brenden.

Overall, they are brilliant.

Cherry Hill Coolstores is a great company, and what they do for us, and the cutting of seed is excellent."


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