Kel Langmaid

Cane Division – Manager

In April 2018 Kel joined our Cherry Hill Family. Already a family member of the Langmaids it was an exciting day when Kel became part of the family business.

“I’m loving working here. I am enjoying working for/with Mum and Dad. It’s actually nice to see them more often.”

Kel resides in Turners Beach, having grown up locally, attending Latrobe primary and high schools. His main role at the property is bulk unloading and managing coolstore movements. In the quieter times, Kel helps Wayne with general maintenance, mending fences, pallets and cleaning up around the property.

Outside of work, Kel enjoys relaxing and playing video games. At the moment his passion is Hearthstone (Heroes of Warcraft), a fast paced strategy game that we hear he is very good at. No doubt these computer skills will come in handy, as the farm continues to develop technology and software to improve efficiencies. It will be great having a young millennial on the team!

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