Innovative achievements

  • First to install a potato grader to service the seed industry.
  • First coolstore with the ability and machinery to intake seed from bulk trucks, instead of bins.
  • First coolstore provider to find a buyer for surplus seed that some growers have no sale for.
  • The only coolstore provider to install a washing plant which is capable of washing seed that has rot in it, hence saving the majority of seed for the owner.
  • The first coolstore provider to grade seed as it proceeds through the cutter.
  • The first coolstore provider to introduce one tonne bins which were designed and built by Cherry Hill Coolstores, and approved by others.
  • We funded and implemented our own overseas research expeditions to England, United States, Holland and New Zealand.
  • First coolstore provider to introduce and also perfect the pre‐cutting of seed which on some varieties increases yields by some three or four tonnes per acres.
  • First provider to have a dirt eliminator in our unloading machinery.
  • First to have a chemical applicator with a capacity to apply chemical at intake.
  • The first provider to mix Fir Bark and Cement, also Fir Bark and Tato Dust.
  • First to install bulking bagging as a service to industry.
  • In 2015, the grading and cutting shed including a dusting chemical application room.
  • In 2018, commenced an electronic weighbridge to record weights per 1 tonne bin.
  • In 2018, we released 2-tonne bins with a specially-designed system to allow air to circulate through the centre of each bin.

Coming Soon

  1. Second bulk unloading line
  2. Potato sampling camera
  3. Track & Trace bin location system
  4. PotatoPal app