I’ve worked for McCain for 23 years, and with Cherry Hill Coolstores for 20 of those. I have a close working relationship with the whole crew – in particular with Conor, Andrew Langmaid, Wayne and Iris. Cherry Hill Coolstores look after a significant amount of seed for our growers, it’s critical to attain expert management of good quality seed for our growers, precise administration detail and good cutting services. For us, it all starts with good quality seed, so that our growers have the best chance of producing a good yield. I find Cherry Hill Coolstores to be very professional across the board.” Josh Opas | Agricultural Manager,
McCain Foods ANZ

This is my first year working in my own right, growing minitubers, G1, G2 and commercials. I’ve found Andrew Vandenberg and Conor O’Doherty to be excellent – they are knowledgeable, professional and come with a wealth of experience. They are a great asset for Tasmanian Seed Potatoes, and especially for a new person to have so much guidance and support.” Matthew Lester | Grower for McCain

Cherry Hill Coolstores are leaders in their field. All the staff are very friendly and helpful, it is always a pleasure to work with Wayne and Conor and everyone else at the stores. They take care to ensure that the growers needs are met and catered for with the best quality and handled seed available. That is what has made them leaders in the industry.Reynard Snetler | McCain, Agronomist

“No complaints! I’ve found Conor at Cherry Hill Coolstores really good to work with, he (and team) are very obliging and treat everyone well. While 2022 was a wet planting season on the north east coast for us, I do like the seed from Cherry Hill – it plants really well.” Mark McDougall  | McDougall Contracting

“Being a new player to growing commercials this year and five hectares of seed potatoes planned for next year, I have found Cherry Hill Coolstores to be trustworthy, knowledgeable and overall excellent to work with. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my dealings with Andrew V and Conor, who have made a special effort in pointing me in the right direction. Andrew V has been very helpful and insightful with his advice, and Conor a huge logistical help.” Mark Cotter | Prospect Downs Farming

“We have a really good working relationship with Cherry Hill Coolstores and we are all new to storing carrots. In our second year now, and it’s been a huge learning curve for both sides. Plus a tough year weather wise (2020) – really muddy and dirty – and there’s always room for improvement. For example we lost four bins to rot this year, but we know what to monitor now. And I really couldn’t fault the team at Cherry Hill, everyone has worked extremely hard and been helpful to us in understanding how to successfully cool store carrots.” Stephen Armstrong | Simplot Field Officer

“Cherry Hill Coolstores is an innovative company that keeps up-to-date with everything. Andrew and Pam work very hard, and the whole team are great with our seed, they produce the very best seed they can for us. From meagre beginnings, innovation has truly been a key factor over the years – they’re always improving what they do, to do a better job for us. This past year for example, their new box tippers have greatly improved the turnaround times for our trucks. Cherry Hill Coolstores is a truly great family-owned business.” Grant Little | Little Transport

“We have found the storage of potato seed and the cutting of seed is of high standard. The professional nature of Cherry Hill Cool Stores is a credit to all involved within their company.”Andrew Gale | Manager, Spring Farm Pty Ltd

“We have been dealing with Cherry Hill Coolstores for the past three years and my father had been dealing with them for around a decade before us. There is never a problem and the seed quality that we are getting is improving year on year as they upgrade the technology that they are using. Our relationship will continue into the future.”Rob Terry | Dairy Plains, Deloraine

“My relationship with Cherry Hill Coolstores has been 15 plus years in differing management roles and as a business owner. The standout for me over this time has been the impeccable knowledge of the seed that is under their care.” Doug Clark | Owner, DD & J Clark Pty Ltd

“I have been using Cherry Hill Coolstore for approximately 15 years and get all my seed from them. Over this time, with the introduction of pre-cutting seed quality, their reliability has improved out of sight. Overall, my experience with them has been excellent. They are a very professional company that has great experience in both seed cutting as well as storage.” Phillip Beswick | Chairman Tasmanian Potato Growers Association and the McCain Processed Potatoes Committee


“I’ve been growing potatoes for 45 years and have known Andrew and Pam for 25-30 of these. For the past two years Cherry Hill have been responsible for storing our seed potatoes for McCains, and I’ve got to say they’re right up there with the best in the industry.
The quality control and follow up services are excellent and they always answer any queries we have.” Graham Lette | Wingaroo Property, Waterhouse (in conjunction with Noel and Yvonne Gerke)


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