Pam Langmaid

Owner and Account Manager

Pam began her agricultural career at Simplot in north-west Tasmania, where she worked for 18-years prior to meeting Andrew. Pam left Simplot when little Kel was on his way, and she began working part-time at the Cherry Hill Coolstores soon after her maternity leave. Four years later dear little Jesse arrived and Pam gradually took on a full-time load in the office – perhaps even more hours than Andrew, today!

In the past, Pam has enjoyed playing softball, indoor cricket, netball. And today she enjoys reading, watching the kids play sport and spending time with Andrew.

Pam’s duties at Cherry Hill Coolstores include managing the front office (keeping Andrew and Brenden under control), invoicing and finances, as well as general administrative duties. Pam is also in charge of approving annual leave (mainly to ensure that Andrew and Brenden don’t go on too many fishing holidays)!

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