Wayne Maxwell

Operations Manager

Growing up in Gawler, just behind Ulverstone, Wayne is a local lad who now resides in Turners Beach. Since 2005 he has called Cherry Hill his main employment, however Wayne is active in the community with a few roles and has his finger in quite a few pies!

Wayne’s first employment as an adult was at the Gunns Plains Hop Farm, where he worked for 26 years from the start to finish of the business prior to starting at Cherry Hill. Now his days are filled with a variety of roles as he takes charge of seeing to the daily needs of the farm (including 300 odd cattle) and factory. Primarily working on the bulk unloading and loading cut sets and the trucks, Wayne also mends the fences and pallets at Cherry Hill and sees to general maintenance as required.

Outside of work Wayne is a keen fisherman who often ‘out fishes’ Brenden we are told! He’ll fish anywhere, anytime and any way – well skilled in fly fishing or using bait and lures. If you ask us Wayne is a real catch!

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