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In our Spring newsletter, Edition 28, we’d like to share with you our 2020 seed quality and storage report, updates on COVID-19 safety measures, our new coolstore construction, a successful season of carrot storage for Simplot and more.

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Season report for
September 2020
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Pictured left to right: Andrew Langmaid, Iris Bacosa, Pam Langmaid, Andrew Vandenberg, Conor O’Doherty and Wayne Maxwell.

Spring is in the air. The condition for the seed potatoes that arrived in early Autumn, is looking really good. The wet conditions experienced in April on the north west coast, meant that the seed that arrived afterwards doesn’t give us the same level of confidence – but, it is holding up well so far. While we are nervous about it, we’re managing our way through and giving all seed lots of attention to ensure the best quality outcome can be achieved. Our new storage facilities are running efficiently, and we continue to expand to allow for even bigger yields, for our customers.

Best wishes from all of us at Cherry Hill Coolstores and Tasmanian Seed Potatoes.

Pictured: When not busy working at Cherry Hill, you’ll find Wayne training for the Assetto Corsa forklift racing category.


Please join with us to wish Darren Nicholls a speedy recovery. Hoping you get well soon Darren, from all of us at Cherry Hill Coolstores.


Our newest coolstore is fully functional, providing state-of-the-art storage, holding 3,600 tonnes of seed potatoes, in a climate controlled and CO2 automatically monitored (and purged) environment.

But wait, we already have another underway! Our ‘up and coming’ coolstore will provide an additional 3,600 tonnes of seed potatoes. Andrew has started preparation works, and the construction will begin at Christmas 2020.

Pictured: (left) new coolstore, (midde) site for newer one, (right) and Andrew on the digger.

If you have any questions please contact Andrew Langmaid on 0419 343 144 or Conor O’Doherty on 0417 392 446


Pictured: Cutting room staff

We must mention the enormous negative impact that the Coronavirus pandemic is having globally and here at home with our local industries. Like all workplaces lucky enough to still be in operation, safety of our staff and customers is a priority.

There have been some important changes to the way we manage traffic on site. No traffic is permitted into our admin office (apart from Andrew, Pam, Conor and Iris). The boys are no longer sharing forklifts nor iPad’s; but keeping one per person instead. We are all diligently washing our hands, using antibacterial sanitisers, and wiping down surfaces that we come into contact with, as well as adhering to the new rules around social distancing.

For more information on how you can adapt to the recommended COVID-19 safe workplaces framework, please visit www.worksafe.tas.gov.au


Cherry Hill Coolstores are delighted to be working with Simplot to store some of their carrots. Our initial plan to store 750 tonnes of carrots, very quickly turned into 1,500 tonnes stored this year. Due to the wet harvest this year, we emptied and refilled our stores for Simplot three times! The successful cool storage of carrots at Cherry Hill Coolstores, has provided Simplot with continuity of supply for their factory. We were able to provide flexible storage conditions, which helped growers choose harvest times that best suited them. This flexible service to growers, means greater continuity of supply to Simplot’s factory – and we are so proud to be a part of it.

Pictured: Normally carrots grown for Simplot will have a diameter of 40-60mm, but we’ve seen diameters of up to 100mm. These carrots are destined for rings, and we’ve also been storing carrots that will become diced at Simplot’s factory.

If you have any questions please contact Andrew Langmaid on 0419 343 144 or Conor O’Doherty on 0417 392 446


Our Seed Management Services. Cherry Hill Coolstores will guarantee our services on Seed Growers seed. If you buy someone else’s certified seed, which is presented to Cherry Hill in good condition, and it breaks down, we will replace our cutting and services at no charge.

This guarantee specifically refers to seed piece breakdown (i.e. rot), and refers to seed which is delivered directly to Cherry Hill Coolstores from the seed paddock for chemical application, coolstoring and cutting. In order for this guarantee to be valid, the Buyer must make claims within 24-hours of the seed leaving Cherry Hill Coolstores and before planting.

In order for this guarantee to be valid, the buyer must make claims with 24 hours of the seed leaving Cherry Hill and before planting.

View more about our guarantee here.

TESTIMONIAL … “I really couldn’t fault the team at Cherry Hill”

“We have a really good working relationship with Cherry Hill Coolstores and we are all new to storing carrots. In our second year now, and it’s been a huge learning curve for both sides. Plus a tough year weather wise (2020) – really muddy and dirty – and there’s always room for improvement. For example we lost four bins to rot this year, but we know what to monitor now. And I really couldn’t fault the team at Cherry Hill, everyone has worked extremely hard and been helpful to us in understanding how to successfully cool store carrots.”

Stephen Armstrong | Simplot Field Officer

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