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In our April newsletter, Edition 30, we’d like to share with you an update on our new two lane road, another new ‘smart’ coolstore, how excited we were to help out the local fire brigade with their training exercises, and more.

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Season Report for
March 2021
Laneway Update
Coolstore Completed
Firies at Cherry Hill



Pictured left to right: Andrew Langmaid, Iris Bacosa, Pam Langmaid, Andrew Vandenberg, Conor O’Doherty and Wayne Maxwell.

As at mid-March we’ve received over 2,250 tonnes of seed potatoes for McCain Foods, and it’s off to a great start with all harvested seed being certified so far. Simplot are in full swing and due to commence harvesting after Easter. We’ve also received over 600 tonnes of carrots and 176 crates of raspberry canes.

Another busy year is on track with a new bulk unloader soon to arrive, an extra laneway to improve traffic congestion, and our latest coolstore completed. Read on for these stories and more.

Wishing everyone a wonderful start to Autumn and a Happy Easter.

Best wishes from all of us at Cherry Hill Coolstores and Tasmanian Seed Potatoes.


We’ve nearly finished creating a new laneway, to improve access onsite. A two-way road, from Cherry Hill Road, right up to our main entrance is on track to be ready for your use after Easter. Our gravel was supplied by Hirt Quarries, and we’re aiming to bitumen seal the lane in December, after all our dispatches are completed.

Pictured: Our two lane access road under construction.

Pictured above: Aerial view of the construction of our two lane access road.


Our newest state-of-the-art bulk unloader is planned to facilitate carrots and commercial potatoes, and it will also take any pressure off our current two unloaders. It was due to arrive in March, however due to international shipping delays caused by COVID-19, it’s four weeks behind and now due to arrive after Easter.


Our newest state-of-the-art coolstore is now complete and ready to look after your seed potatoes. As per our other smart coolstores, this one is no different and offers a climate controlled, monitored environment, automatic CO2 purging, humidity and temperature control. It cost 2 million dollars to complete and created many local jobs and we are very proud of this achievement. It has increased our capacity at Cherry Hill Coolstores by another 3,700 tonnes capacity. Amazing!

Pictured above: Aerial view of Cherry Hill shows coolstore expansion, top left in photo.


The Latrobe Fire Brigade recently held a training exercise at Cherry Hill. They filled an empty coolstore with fake smoke and used breathing apparatus to go into the smoke-filled room to rescue two people. And it was our very own Tina and Lucy who volunteered as casualties (they were very excited to be rescued)! We were happy to provide a great facility for the training purposes of our local firies. They are welcome back any time.

Pictured: Latrobe firefighters training at Cherry Hill.

Pictured above:Volunteers, Tina and Lucy being ‘rescued’.


Our recent seed tours were held in late February and early March. The paddocks are mostly looking good. Interestingly, there was some scab found on one paddock which had experienced a 10-year rest, the climatic conditions re-activated this. We visited more than 10 paddocks and looked mostly at Ivory and Innovator seed. We also had some new G2 experimental varieties on show for growers. Thank you, to everyone who participated and attended this year.

Pictured above: Growers inspecting paddocks on our recent seed tour.


Pictured: Cherry Hill’s parking inspector touring the carpark.


Pictured: Phil Hastie.

Originally from Mackay in Queensland, Phil’s background includes working underground and providing mining supplies, and then locally at Costas in the berry harvesting industry. Phil started at Cherry Hill in early March, and you’ll find him bulk unloading and working as part of our team of forklift operators. In his spare time, he loves to take his daughter to soccer and work on his hobby farm. He’s an expert at repairing fences to keep the horses in!


Our Seed Management Services. Cherry Hill Coolstores will guarantee our services on Seed Growers seed. If you buy someone else’s certified seed, which is presented to Cherry Hill in good condition, and it breaks down, we will replace our cutting and services at no charge.

This guarantee specifically refers to seed piece breakdown (i.e. rot), and refers to seed which is delivered directly to Cherry Hill Coolstores from the seed paddock for chemical application, coolstoring and cutting. In order for this guarantee to be valid, the Buyer must make claims within 24-hours of the seed leaving Cherry Hill Coolstores and before planting.

In order for this guarantee to be valid, the buyer must make claims with 24 hours of the seed leaving Cherry Hill and before planting.

View more about our guarantee here.

TESTIMONIAL… “Professional, everything done correctly in a timely manner…”

Nick is a seed grower for McCain Foods as well as a commercial grower for Simplot.

“Cherry Hill has a very professional setup. Their acceptance to help out is exceptional, nothing is too hard for them. When a truck comes in late, there is always somebody at Cherry Hill ready and waiting. Their service is excellent, professionally done in a timely manner.”

Nick Newman | Newman Ag, Oldina

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