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In our December newsletter, Edition 29, we’d like to share with you the 2020 seed quality and dispatch summary; an update on another coolstore adding 3,600 tonnes of cool storage capacity; our new quarry, as we require so much gravel here, we decided to buy our own quarry, and more.

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Season report for
December 2020
New coolstore on track We bought a quarry Introducing Jake and Daniel



Pictured left to right: Andrew Langmaid, Iris Bacosa, Pam Langmaid, Andrew Vandenberg, Conor O’Doherty and Wayne Maxwell.

We anticipated our season to be a challenging one due to the wet harvest, but actually seed was of very good quality. We had 14,000 tonnes of cut seed go out, with only three lines showing a bit of breakdown and 20 tonnes of loss in total. All things considered, this has resulted in a phenomenally good season.

Dispatches are running on time, and at the time of publication we had less than 600 tonne of potatoes left in cool storage, due for dispatch prior to Christmas.

Noteworthy: mini tubers are going in ahead of schedule; and Simplot have booked us in for another year of carrots for 2021, after the success we had in 2020.

Our new coolstore is advancing nicely, with the roof about to be lifted – check out the photos below.

Maintenance is ahead of schedule too, with the unloaders already done and the cutting machine about to be refurbished soon after Christmas.It’s a great feeling to be organised and in a good position for the start of 2021.

We thank you all for your continued confidence in Cherry Hill Coolstores and we wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

Best wishes from all of us at Cherry Hill Coolstores and Tasmanian Seed Potatoes.

Pictured top and bottom left: our latest new coolstore with its roof about to be lifted on. This will provide an additional 3,600 tonnes capacity, in a state-of-the-art, climate controlled and CO2 automatically monitored (and purged) environment. Top right: our latest aerial photo of Cherry Hill Coolstores – looking rather lush after a wet year. Bottom right: our beautiful town of Latrobe, with Cherry Hill Coolstores right at the back.


We realised that we’re using so much gravel building countless sheds at Cherry Hill, that we bought our own quarry! Our new quarry is located at Beulah, we can now offer a delivery of any of our specified gravel to you.

If anyone needs our gravel for laneways, driveways, etc, please contact Shannon Bugg on 0419 343 144 or Andrew Langmaid on 0419 343 144.

Pictured: Introducing Shannon, who is standing proudly next to our new sign.

Pictured above: our beautiful quarry at Beulah.

Pictured: Wayne taking his forklift to new heights.


Pictured from left to right: Jake Courtney and Daniel Harvey.

Jake grew up in Hobart and moved to Devonport for love. His girlfriend Kristine works on our cutting line and Jake has joined our forklift team stacking pallets, unloading and loading trucks. Jake’s background is in carpentry (a handy chap to know), and he spends his free time either riding motorbikes or scuba diving. His favourite spot is White Beach (near Eaglehawk Neck in the south), fishing for scallops or crays.

Daniel is a local boy, but has moved around a lot for work between here and the West Coast of Tasmania. He has also joined our forklift team, and spends his days unloading trucks and stacking bins – whatever Wayne says! For years he ran a lawn mowing and gardening business (another handy person to know), and has experience doing the shut down at several mines, mechanical maintenance and trade assistance work. After years of living in remote places, he’s glad to be back in Devonport, and spends his free time either gardening or with his 9-year-old daughter.


Our Seed Management Services. Cherry Hill Coolstores will guarantee our services on Seed Growers seed. If you buy someone else’s certified seed, which is presented to Cherry Hill in good condition, and it breaks down, we will replace our cutting and services at no charge.

This guarantee specifically refers to seed piece breakdown (i.e. rot), and refers to seed which is delivered directly to Cherry Hill Coolstores from the seed paddock for chemical application, coolstoring and cutting. In order for this guarantee to be valid, the Buyer must make claims within 24-hours of the seed leaving Cherry Hill Coolstores and before planting.

In order for this guarantee to be valid, the buyer must make claims with 24 hours of the seed leaving Cherry Hill and before planting.

View more about our guarantee here.

TESTIMONIAL… “Very helpful and insightful with advice”

Mark’s farming background was crop and cereals on the mainland, and moving to Tassie was a great opportunity for his family.

“Being a new player to growing commercials this year and five hectares of seed potatoes planned for next year, I have found Cherry Hill Coolstores to be trustworthy, knowledgeable and overall excellent to work with. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my dealings with Andrew V and Conor, who have made a special effort in pointing me in the right direction. Andrew V has been very helpful and insightful with his advice, and Conor a huge logistical help.”

Mark Cotter | Prospect Downs Farming

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